Sacha Beverley is an international selling artist who likes experimenting with different styles and materials and is passionate about expressing herself through an abstract / expressionism style of painting. She has just relocated from Australia to Mexico and predominantly creates colourful abstracts paintings, popular for both residential & commercial applications.

Sacha’s current body of work is an internal reflective experience of layering paint, releasing emotions and learning to let go. She starts the creative process with no predetermined idea of what each finished artwork will look like and just lets the painting evolve naturally. Her artwork is achieved by writing how she’s feeling onto the canvas with pens or pastels and then overlaying the acrylic paint, layer by layer, making marks, dripping ink and developing any symbolic imagery that spontaneously emerges on the canvas. Sacha’s paintings often take many painting sessions to finish before she can see the beauty and harmony that exists between the colours, composition and shapes. When the painting is finished, the hidden words and stories underneath the paint are absent from view, yet enhance the overall message and emotions the painting is conveying.

“I love that these expressive, abstract paintings can be interpreted differently by every viewer, with each person seeing uniquely individual imagery based on their own personal perceptions and life experiences. The subjective nature of the artwork allows everyone to take away their own positive message.”


Sacha Beverley can customise a painting especially for you!

Sacha takes painting commissions for residential homes, restaurants, hotels, shops and offices looking for eye catching visual art. As a qualified Interior Designer, Sacha utilises her interior design expertise and flair for colour to customise the perfect piece of art in the right size, colour and style to uplift your chosen space. “I aim to create a visual experience of beauty, colour texture and balance to uplift your spirit.”

Sacha enjoys collaborating with property stylists, interior designers and property developers on residential and commercial projects.

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