Healing Hearts have been created with the intention that each uniquely designed and hand painted wooden heart has a special message to share with its owner and whichever one you are attracted to, or gifted is ‘The Perfect One’ for you.

They are 100% made in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Hand carved by a local carpenter and hand painted by me, Sacha Beverley, an Australian artist now living in Puerto Vallarta. An Australian/Mexican art fusion, merging elements of the traditional aboriginal style of painting and storytelling with the colour and design influences of Mexico. It is designed to help you!

Made with love from my heart to yours!

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How would you like your healing heart to help you?

After each heart is painted I intuitively decipher the meanings I see within the designs and write down the special message that the heart wants to share with you. By looking at the colours, shapes and patterns on the heart you may also receive other personal messages yourself, a thought that pops into your mind or a feeling you get. Trust your heart! You can also set the intention of however you’d like your Healing Heart to help or guide you. Intention is everything!

Maybe you’d like to be reminded of a special person so you can keep them close to your heart, maybe you’d like help to acknowledge the parts of your life that need healing, ask for strength,  faith, trust and help with taking any necessary healing steps, maybe you’d like to bring more love into your life or the encouragement to practice more self-love, maybe you’d like your Healing Heart to bring you closer to your faith or help spread more love throughout the world or maybe you’d like to remember this special town called Puerto Vallarta.



Pine wood, acrylic paint and a clear varnish – 25cm high x 17cm wide – 3 cm deep

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Email: art@sachabeverley.com.au Phone: 0421 555 787
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